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  Shijiazhuang Duotian Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture specialized in developing, designing and producing high frequency dielectric heating and hydraulic pneumatic equipment. The main products are: HF generator, HF wood bending press machine, HF hot press machine, HF precision frame assembly machine, HF wood angle jointing machine, HF board jointing machine, HF board and frame assembly machine, HF musical instrument gluing equipment , HF vacuum wood dryer, and other special HF heating equipments.


Radio frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln machine


  Our productions are widely used in furniture, man-made boards, floor, packing, instrument, handicraft, thermal insulation materials and other fields.

  Duotian has many professional engineers with more than 10 years of experience, and will provide you a solution of timber jointing, gluing and drying. Besides, we can customize the non-standard HF heating equipment according to the guest’s requirement. Duotian Machinery Co., Ltd. has gradually been recognized by our customers with excellent products, stable performance, and thoughtful after-sales service. And exported to Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Russia and other countries. Duotian Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been focusing on customers, and will continue the high frequency product development ,and to serve more customers so that create maximum value for customers.

  We are provide HF vacuum wood drying machine and HF board jointing machine、HF Bentwood Press Machine、HF( RF) Generator,you can buy it.

  Our company sells many kinds of fittings of HF equipment, which are in high quality and low price. We also provide the service of repairing, renovation, consulting and etc.

  We always adhere to the company business philosophy of" down-to-earth, fulfill our duty, honestly operate, achieve a win-win situation" .

  Select Duotian, achieve a win-win situation. Duotian welcomes you!




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