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wood drying equipment

Release Time:2019-04-17

  High-frequency vacuum wood dryer is a new type of wood drying equipment. It uses high-frequency dry drying to make the wood inside and outside heating at the same time, heating evenly, drying fast, short time, can maintain the natural color of wood, and at the same time have high temperature under vacuum conditions. Quick and dry advantages.we are provide wood drying equipment,we can guarantee the quality of wood drying equipment.

  Suitable for mahogany, hardwood, thick, ultra-thin veneer and large-section square wood. Common precious woods such as rosewood, wenge, huanghuali, etc. It is also suitable for secondary drying of wood.

  High-frequency vacuum wood drying equipment is the perfect combination of high-frequency heating and vacuum dewatering.

  main feature:

  1, using touch screen intelligent control, simple and direct.

  2. The temperature detection uses optical fiber to avoid high frequency interference during heating.

  3. Internal pressure to prevent wood deformation.

  4. Accurate measurement.

  5. Automatic feeding and discharging is simple, labor-saving and time-saving.

  6. The control components adopt domestic famous brands or imported products.

  Product Positioning:

  Cost-effective, user-friendly, intelligent, relatively economical price.

  Tada service:

  Customer service with humanized technology, and win the future with a sincere attitude

  Tada composition:

  15 years of high-frequency professional and automation control chief engineer, 12 years of professional production management staff, more than 10 years of professional sales and service staff, dedicated to passionate and energetic employees. Flat management, efficient and innovative team.

  Future prospects:

  To make Tada a synonym for intelligent, humanized high-frequency, automation, assembly line high-frequency equipment industry enterprises.


wood drying equipment




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