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We Value Our Educational Partners

GES has served districts throughout MS by assisting administrators, teachers, and students to obtain their goals with a focus on achieving high levels of accountability, teacher effectiveness, technology integration, MTSS plans, and data analytics to lead to long-team growth.  


By implementing “The GES Way”, we strive to reach and exceed our mutually agreed upon goals.  As part of “The GES Way”, we will implement the Gradual Release Method (GRM) to encourage growth of all instructional staff.

Maximizing Growth

“In 2017-18, GES was the sole teacher and student provider at our high school. They provided MTSS and data coaching services for our high school resulting in the school improving from F to only 4 points from a C with 70 points of growth overall.”

— Cloyd Garth, Superintendent

Hazlehurst City School District

Proficient or higher

“Excellent service. They gave teachers and students exactly what they needed. At every turn, they met or exceeded my expectations. GES focused on helping teacher improve their proficient numbers and both schools they were asked to partner with were on track to be A schools.”

—  Candra Nelson Scott, Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Canton Public Schools

Teacher Coaching

“During the 1st semester of 2017-18, my school had the opportunity to partner with GES. They worked with our math teachers only, and while other categories did not improve, our math department improve from the previous year over 60 points, helping our school move from F to D.  And virtually all our growth came from math.”

— Sonia Bolden, AP, Carver Elementary at Sunflower

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