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"The GES Way"

GES has developed an unique approach to partnering with districts called "The GES Way" that is in direct alignment with the MDE six goals and expected outcomes.  Our effective methodology focuses on communication, planning, implementation, evaluations, and adaptation, involving all stakeholders.  The 7-step process provides relevant, needs-driven professional learning resulting in improved student/teacher results, better leaders, and higher accountability rankings.

7 Step Approach to The GES Way

  1. Professional Learning Plan (PLP)

  2. Virtual (VPL) and Job Embedded Professional Learning (JEPL)

  3. Growth-Based Interventions

  4. Team Building

  5. Data Analytics Coaching

  6. Improving School Culture & Climate

  7. Support Stakeholder Involvement

JEPL Framework and Communication

This program is designed to provide "boots on the ground" PL where we truly partner with the participants to ensure all goals are met or exceeded.  Our approach gives the targeted groups research-based strategies, activities, and resources which includes our unique and effective MTSS program.  Within each Professional Learning Plan, we offer frequent communication between students, teachers, principals, district officials, school boards, and parents in an effort to ensure success and an expected return on the communities investment in us.

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