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Culture of Learning & Success

Beliefs, values, and actions will spread the farthest and be tightly reinforced when all stakeholders are communicating.  In a strong school culture, leaders focus on building relationships, communicate directly with all team members including students and families.  Additionally, proper systems and protocols are essential to a highly functioning school.  

Integrate Learning and Success in the Classroom

A culture of learning and success begins with leadership and planning. GES begins all partnerships with collaborative planning as part of the school/district leadership team. We offer an array of services that develop/improve the culture of learning and success for our partners. 

Leadership Building

  • Professional Learning Plan

  • Instructional Leadership Practices

  • Growth-Based Interventions

  • Data Analysis and Professional Learning Community Facilitation

Team Building

  • Faculty and Staff Development

  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Activities

  • Student and Parent Appreciation Activities

School Improvement Planning

  • Data Analysis and Needs Assessment

  • Faculty and Staff Evaluation

  • Parental and Community Involvement

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