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Technology Workshops

In this new age we are in, technology has infiltrated most aspects of our lives and education is no different. To meet increasing demand, GES has created a new department, lead by technology specialist, with expertise in distance learning, virtual professional learning, and the infrastructure needed to provide technology based instruction to students.  Our team is developing cutting edge systems, designed with educators, students, and parents in mind.  We are currently offering free virtual PDs.  Call for details!

G-Suite (Google)

  1. Google Forms

  2. Google Docs

  3. Google Slides

  4. Google Sheets

  5. Gmail

  6. Google Drive

  7. Google Hangouts

  8. Google Classroom

  9. Flubaroo and other Apps




Coming Soon!

Google Classroom

This program is designed to provide relevant, needs-driven professional learning that will result in improved student achievement and guide teachers and administrators in the integration of technology to enhance teaching and learning at all levels.

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