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What GES Can Do For You...

Greene Education Services provides (virtual and/or in-person) professional learning for teachers, administrators, and student growth-based interventions, offering services to districts throughout the state.  We pride ourselves on our results, helping districts and schools to achieve and exceed their goals to ensure a proper return on the investment (ROI) in us.  In the upcoming weeks, we will be adding services to meet the need or our partners during these changing times.  Look for updates on our Virtual Professional Learning Supports and new technology-based services. 

Instructional Coaching/Modeling
Comprehensive Technology Integration
Leadership Development

GES provides on-going instructional coaching and modeling focused on supporting learning, growth, and achievement of students. Teachers will receive support in implementing best practices that will help them meet the requirements of the Teacher Growth Rubric (TGR).

GES will assist districts and schools with the integrating and utilization of apps, virtual educational programs, computer and tablet purchases, network capabilities, and other technological components needed for the successful implementation of virtual learning experiences (i.e., G-Suite, Microsoft Suite, Google Classrooms, Canvas, Flip Grid, Padlet).

The leadership within a school/district often determines the success for each school or district. Utilizing our Leadership Levers, we focus on moving schools to higher levels of success by improving targeted areas including, team building, protocols, fiscal planning, management audits, data analysis/practices, master scheduling, culture/discipline and community involvement.

Tier II/III Support Using Growth-Based Interventions

GES will implement the GES multi-faceted MTSS program called "Growth-Based Interventions" (GBI) that offers individual, small group, and extended classroom interventions. These interventions are tailored to meet the needs, resources, and goals of the district, regardless of student tier levels.

Virtual Professional Learning (VPL)

GES provide virtual learning opportunities for teachers and leaders to improve their craft and utilize best practices tied to both the TGR and AGR rubrics.  These effective strategies prepare them for success across the TGR and AGR Domains.  

Content-Specific Professional Learning (JEPD)

GES provides meaningful and effective job-embedded professional learning tailored to support the districts’ vision and mission.  Teachers will receive learning that is evidence-researched based, relevant, engaging, and grounded in day to day best practices in education.  These effective processes are designed to directly improve student learning.

Praxis/New Teacher Training
School Data Analytics (Data Coaching)
Pre K-2 Early Literacy/Numeracy
and EL Supports

Our GES Praxis workshops are designed to support each individual participant, focused on achieving success.  Our proven techniques offer prospective teachers the best opportunities to become certified.  Additionally, we provide training/support for new and seasoned teachers with our GES 5-Star Classroom, focusing on instruction, planning, assessment, and classroom management.

Our Data Analytics help districts/schools utilize their data efficiently and effectively to drive systematic change by making sure all parties understand their part in the district's success.  We assist in identifying and refining the purposes and practice associated with various assessment tools to ensure a cohesive approach and goal-focused planning.  

GES will provide instructional support, coaching, and modeling in the areas of Early Literacy/Numeracy (PreK - 2nd Grades), focused on foundational skills needed in reading and mathematics for success in upper elementary.  Additionally, we as well as support for English Learners, focused on secondary students just entering the school.

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